I am Sri Lankan and have witnessed the worse situation a country and my relatives can ever experience. But unfortunately, it is not in the past tense, and inflation keeps getting worse.

If you are an investor, I think it is pretty easy to frame inflation as a phenomenon that triggers the FED (Federal State) and hence the stock market's direction. But in reality, after talking to people in Sri Lanka, I have realized it is much more than that.

People’s lives are seriously affected, and Sri Lanka is not the only country concerned. The inflation domino is just getting started.

What is “Inflated World”

So I started a newsletter called “Inflated World,” where we would share authentic stories of people combatting inflation in their everyday lives. People in the same situation can use the newsletter for emotional support and guidance.

People in privileged positions would be able to understand the dire situation more personally and hopefully lend a hand.

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Why subscribe?

You can periodically get macroeconomic analysis, stories about personal experiences, and up-to-date information on how people are going through inflation.

I hope it will lead to conversations and support all around the world.

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Ex-BCG, Early Member of $1bn IPO. I wanted to build a platform where people could share and help each other through the global inflationary crisis. Medium: