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🇮🇳Voice#13: “Made in China” to “Made in India”: The Unintended Consequences of Apple’s Move to India

🇩🇪Voice #12: German Bakery’s Gas Bill Has Jumped from €5,856 to €75,000 a Month

🌎Macro#09: Emerging Markets Buying Opportunity? Don’t Miss Out On This 10-Year Trend Shift

🇱🇧 Voice #11: People Robbed Banks to Get Their Own Money in Lebanon

🌎Macro#08: Ray Dalio Disagrees with Majority of Wall Street Estimates

🇧🇷 Voice#10: Brazil is Using Diplomacy to Protect Itself from Food Crisis

🇰🇪 Voice#09: The Energy Paradox in Kenya: Is it Worth Being Sustainable?

🌎Macro#07: September is the Stock Market's Worst Month: What Will You Buy?

🇻🇪 Voice#09: How Cryptocurrency Is Protecting Venezuelans From Hyperinflation

🌎Macro#06: So, is Russia Thriving or Imploding? Medias Show Polarizing Headlines

🇩🇿Voice#08: A Cup of Coffee in Algeria has Doubled

🗒️Weekly Digest 08/17~24: Adam Neumann's 2nd Act, Food Prices Tumbling, & Energy Crisis Heating

🌎Macro#05: What the IMF’s Latest Report Means for the Global Economy

🇸🇻Voice#07: Bitcoin Crash Isn't Affecting the Average Person in El Salvador

🌍 Macro#04: Global Food Crisis: They Got Money For Wars, But Can't Feed the Poor

🇪🇨 Voice#06: Living as a Foreigner in Distressed Ecuador

🇬🇭Voice#05: Living in Inflated Ghana, We Have To Skip Meals

🌎Macro#3) Chamath’s Simple Stock Strategy to Help Guide You During Inflation

🌎 Macro#2) UN Suggest Our Population Will Keep Increasing Until 2100

🇰🇪 Voice#04: Optimism in the Midst of Chaos

🇪🇨Voice#03: Inflated Ecuador: An Almuerzo (Lunch) has Tripled

🇱🇰Voice#02: Hustling through the Inflation in Sri Lanka

🌎 Macro#1) Inflation Domino: These 6 Countries Could be the Next Sri Lanka

🇱🇰 Voice#01: A 19-Year-Old Working To Keep His Dreams Alive

Are You a Terrible Boss? Use the 3 Mirrors of Emperor Li Shimin to Find Out

Game Design Secrets: 3 Powerful Components to Hook Your Users

Short term volatility should not affect your long-term thesis.

Great article on some news that is difficult to get ground truth on.

Wow, Gandhi series was mind blowing!

Did you start immediately feeling effects?