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Portugal seems absolutely beautiful!


4 Methods to Gauge Your Business Idea ーNo Upfront Investments or Coding Required

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2 Scientifically Proven Daily Tips to Help You Manage Multiple Hustles

How To Keep Your Employees and Investors Excited for Higher Valuations

Congrats on your accomplishment. Must feel great to have a following based on your authentic self.

Great, thanks for the sharp tips. 20 minutes for an article is insane though!

Hope the tide will change soon!

Is there any benefit to being a top writer?

So true, what a great quote.

Content generation seems like a tough thing to do, but potentially fruitful.

I want to see if it is possible to build popular services for millenials and Gen Z and customize it…

Another lie said at startups: you will have freedom to choose what you do, and authority.

Domain selling for millions of dollars?

I'm also waiting on that day NFTs start tokenizing real assets such as real-estate, companies…

I felt the emotions you conveyed when watching Up in the Air with George Clooney.

True story.

If the Indie genre transformed to gain views, what would the Indie genre become?

5 Products that Earn More Than $3,000 Per Month — No Employees or Coding Required

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I feel that the ad showcasing one book was great.

Simple Tips To Get Your First 1,000 Users

Cool! I use unicorn platform to build landing pages, its pretty useful.

How did you build the landing page that people could sign up on? Anyway, respect the grit!

Don’t Wait to Build That App, It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think

Can AI Lend a Hand to the Mental Health Crisis?

How about if it is done with multi modal information?

The freelancing mechanism for anyone to charge up the scooters is actually genius.

Hi guys, I would like to join as a writer.

Nothing matches the returns of cryptocurrency, and right now is the best buying opportunity.

As millennials and Gen-Z become the frontline of business (decision makers and managers) this…

From Square to Twitter to Bitcoin to NFTs: Jack Dorsey’s Grand Vision Explained

Role of AI in Psychological Warfare

Congrats and good luck on your journey!

Literally every one of these countries sound amazing...

I also believe traceability and sustainability of the supply chain will be highly monitored from…

Thanks! I never seen that blue halo emoji.

The vibe still shouldnt be worth 9bn. IMG is larger, more profitable, and stable and is at 3bn.

Which ones have worked the best for you?

Audio is Exploding: Why You Should Start a Podcast Now

Exciting ride to see those numbers skyrocket!

Curious to see where it is at now!

Surprising to see such a bearish stance when they are allocating a lot of resources.

Always keep buying!

That’s a sh*t ton of money!

The Secret Behind WeWork’s Valuation

Congrats on your achievement!

Hope the dip still lasts, need more cash to accumulate more.

What are the other platforms worth publishing?

I think it is for the customer pipeline and PR.

Time and also the important people around you.

Tomato plants?

I agree, but not gonna lie, looking at your gains halving (though temporarily) is hard to stomach.

It seems human behavior doesn’t follow this law.

It seems, we can make a pros/cons for audio, video, text

Business quotes are gold mines!

Looks like you are on you way to 1k followers!

Do you get any material benefits for being top writer?

Gameconomy: Monetizing Prolific Games and Services

Believe Audio is still the next frontier of entertainment.

There are many entrepreneurs in Japan who have their online salons, with a price of $10/mo.

Haha yeah, it is pretty tough seeing your gains halving though, not gonna lie.

Personally in the field of enterprise AI, I feel the main concerns of clients shifting from AI and…

The beauty of the free market indeed.

I also believe RSR is fundamentally sound!

Fundamental value over short term price movements.

He is always predicting a crash. Bound to happen some time.

Stock Market is Eerily Quiet…Where Are We Headed?

You Reached Product/Market Fit — Now What?

Are there any services you recommend to gain customer data?

Social life, yes (bars, concerts, gatherings)

I think the extent will be a physical flagship store, for brands to reinforce their image.

I honestly thought things are already going back to normal in the US (I live in Japan)

Never knew this. Wonder how he feels about his team now.

Honestly, I think remote work is bad for innovation. Cant talk about things not related to work.

3 article a day is pretty insane!

Congrats on your success!

Yeah, for sure.

Congrats and kudos to you for that grit!

So abroad users can't monetize their content before hitting 200k followers on TikTok?

Why did you lose followers? Like you followers saw less of your posts, so they unfollowed?

3 Reasons Why You Are Addicted to Medium

Who the F*ck Is Dr. Parik Patel?

Interesting principle. I was thinking if Clubhouse would pass this test.

These movements are the initial stones falling for the tech companies generating money from ads…

Really cool, any other suggestions for easy ways to repurpose articles??

How to Use “Stories” on Your Website to Increase Sales

How NotCo Leverages AI to Create Sustainable and Delicious Food

Are you a full time writer?

Which one has been the most lucrative for you?

Is the main reason that you simply cannot take enough risks and all the red-taping?

How long did it take to get to a 1,000 followers??

Really cool philosophy regarding maximizing deep work and well-being, while also aiming to become…

Yeah it definitely shows one character for sure! Haha working on the financial part for me too.

I agree, it is an audacious goal but I just don't see myself spending hours on an app for virtual…

Is Virtual Travel the New Business Opportunity for the Airlines Industry?

Its interesting to see how Peloton would do post-pandemic.

8–10 cents last year, and now around $1.70.

I feel AI career advice for new grads could be a potential avenue too.

It’s crazy that he thought about building his own hardware without knowing about the industry.

Did the recommendation boost your views and earnings?

Great journey!

How Shibusawa’s Advice Would Have Saved Our Startup

Here’s Why Talib Kweli and others are Protesting the New Spotify Algorithm

The Secret Behind Softbank’s Deal with Steve Jobs

I agree, but there seems to be rare examples of companies like Palantir that have been able to…

What's your take on Palantir?

It is so tempting to become a consultant or a software integrator as it tends to have high margins…

Whats with the photo of the beautiful woman.

I heard that a shutdown ritual before sleeping is pretty effective to ease the mind.

Thanks Sherman!

Totally agree!

I wrote an article about cryptocurrencies benefit in Venezuela.

How Cryptocurrency Is Protecting Venezuelans From Hyperinflation

Right now, Youtube pushes a lot of cancerous Tik-Tok shorts that take you on an endless ride of…

When did you start the publication?

Something related to crypto must be brewing.

Great foresight in actually getting a rig. And great choice for ETH rather than BTC

How an AI Company in Japan Gained $2.5bn and Lost It All in 6 months

Its definitely the age of personal income. Can't rely on traditional companies anymore.

Thanks alot.

Great thanks for the feedback!

Intereating. Tom Nash looks at the fundamentals if you haven’t seen it.

Why didn't you decide to use Marc Benioff's name in the headlines?

I really like Jason Calacanis too.

I wonder why he sold to Facebook

If the technology is 10x better with 1/10 the cost it will be a hit.

Nice. Honestly the stock market these days seem to be in a tug and pull between the inflation…

We are expanding our team now, and thanks for reminding me the obvious yet insightful tricks

One of the best leaders, ever.

Wow looking back on this, I just realized that Elon tweeted about Tesla accepting Bitcoin only two…

Cool project!

With Elon Musk actually working with Doge developers, does Safemoon have any fundamental value?

Do you still think there is room left for ADA's price to explode this year?

I still believe that dining in a full-service restaurant is still a huge part of the customer…

What does this strategy look like in the crypto sphere?

This is such an insane growth. If this was done organically it must have been a chaotic journey up.

Interesting to see polarizing reactions for Spotify's ability to guess the best music for users.

Recommendation engines have so much power in manipulating the masses’ mindset and philosophy.


I can’t even imagine running such a huge company with big tech companies trying to get a chunk of…

Don't these apps monitor your movement constantly?

His Tweets are more powerful than any other influencers.

Thanks alot!

How do you find the time to write one article per day?

You should compare the price of Ethereum with the number of active addresses.

Haha Travis seems cool

The question is what would you do if that initial 5% becomes 50% of your portfolio because it…

The surge in India seems exponential and quite difficult to contain...I

Wow, I want to know how you tweaked the hiring requirements to hire this many ppl.

So when is it happening, and what are the risks for ethereum 2.0 to not go mainstream?

This book seems awesome.

I think founders have the most investment and risk exposure so they will do whatever it takes to…

I wonder what Oatly with the access to capital after IPO.

30 articles in one month…quite insane!

These companies must be getting massive subsidies from the Biden administration.

It seems there is a fine line between being a fan, chasing meme stocks, and having high conviction.

I think investment banking and management consultants still top the list.

Literally could save millions for companies, with some lines of code. Great job!

Seems that the social media space is so crowded though.

I think Tesla will go into renewable energy generation of crypto mining.

Do manufacturers pay shelf rebates to put their products in the front end zone?

Really interesting take on the potential future of Discord!

I wonder how Uber and Lyft will fit into the autonomous vehicle ecosystem

What are the other key metrics you use when valuing a SaaS? Rev growth rate?, EBITDA margins?

I feel that it could be justified if those advisers can initially give you a foot in a door of a…

Analyzing Tesla’s Astronomical Valuation (with Python)


Thanks for your well thought out insights!

20,000 followers in a year! Congrats. looking forward to more of your progress.

Do you end up publishing these crappy stories?

Love these authentic stories that don’t get full media coverage.

Interesting points for the take on the Grab SPAC merger.

They have (had) a good user base but it isn’t so loyal.

Amazing charts!

You have to also put Tokyo! More foreign companies coming, beautiful city, great food.

Haha this is quite a famous story in Japan.

Institutional investment is just getting started.

Elon seems to love everything to do with dog(e) these days

Great article, and what a success to roll out globally within two years.

This may be off topic but I never knew about the Million Dollar Homepage.

Pretty crazy to see how it's getting easier and easier to develop interactive dashboards.

You should sell this as a product

C'mon, you can't be quoting points from Gordon Johnson (GLJ Research) as one of your main points of…

Very exciting use-case for blockchain technology.

Whats going to happen to businesses like Outsite when the pandemic is over?

Still, massive concerns of inflation awaits.

As an ex-consultant, this is amazing that you transferred to Python from Excel.

Thanks for introducing me to this finance api.

Interesting article!